Learn About NUNM Health Centers

Our Approach

As a patient at NUNM Health Centers, you are given a team of practitioners and students who collaborate with you to design an ideal health plan. You benefit from the seasoned expertise of an attending faculty member, the recently gained knowledge of a resident, and the enthusiasm and work ethic of a senior medical student. Your wishes and desires are always held utmost in the process, with a goal of focusing on your immediate concerns while keeping an eye to maximizing your wellness. Since learning and teaching are taking place along with caring for you, appointment times at our clinics can be one to two hours in length. You should plan accordingly to allow for a thorough analysis of your health.

Why Choose NUNM?

Integrative medicine at NUNM brings together conventional medicine with naturopathic and Chinese medicine. The longstanding expertise and knowledge of the university is behind every provider and student, assuring that you get the best possible care. You and your health are at the center of everything we do, and your care and treatment plan will help you achieve and maintain the health goals you set with your team.

Our natural approach to health and wellness is different. We employ experts in the field of natural medicine and use approaches that are less invasive, more attuned to the body’s natural healing process, and consider the mind-body connection for holistic care.

The Oregon Health Authority continues to recognize NUNM Health Centers–Lair Hill as Tier 4 Patient-Centered Primary Care Homes—a top-level certification granted by the OHA.

What does that mean for patients? A PCPCH is the “gold standard of care.” NUNM Health Centers–Lair Hill is recognized for their commitment to providing high-quality, patient-centered care by promoting better coordination of care and clinical teamwork, and a better understanding of the patient’s overall healthcare needs. Primary care homes reduce costs and improve care by focusing on preventive care, wellness and management of chronic conditions.